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S G Chellappa asked 11 months ago

I did not receive my aadhaar card by post and then when i checked i was issued with e aadhaar. I have used it for linking income tax, banks and investments.

I am planning to sell small property and the registration authorities are asking to produce original hard copy of aadhaar card. Can i present my e aadhaar and will it be accepted. I have made a laminated hard copy from e aadhaar. I need the answer immediately as i am planning to fix the date for registration. Probably it will be on thursday 29 11 18. you immediate reply is requested.S G Chellappa

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admin answered 11 months ago

Hello S G Chellappa,
Yes you can use your eAadhaar Copy to fulfill the purpose of registration authorities. Your eAadhaar is equally valid as Aadhaar Letter which is sent via Post, so no need to worry about it.

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