Adhaar biometric not working inspite of updation

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K KULASEKARAN asked 2 years ago

My son’s name : K Mohana Krishnan                    
We could not update
I and my family members(wife and 2 sons) enrolled for Aadhaar in New Delhi about 8 years back. later we moved to Tamilnadu and updated our new address in aadhaar. But for my second son we could not do it in spite of our repeated attempt. after the advice of local Aadhaar center(in Tindivanam, Tamilnadu) we approach the main center or regional center in Pondicherry(near Beach). After the updation process they told us to wait for a month for reply. But all went in vain. My son Born with multiple congenital anomalies in his body. one of these is crippled fingers on both the hands. enrollment was done when he was about 9 years of age. Now he is 19 years. It seems that there is some issue on Bio metrics. we feel that his finger prints which were were formed caused mismatch.
We don’t know how to proceed.
Every where Aadhaar is being asked with updated address.
Please help us.

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